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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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closer to the shore. 82 in wildwood. definitely an above average day for this time of year. we are over ten degrees above normal. average high is actually 81 degrees. if we look back at monday, yesterday, we hit 90 degrees. today so far, 93. if we hit 90 again tomorrow which is the forecast high, that will be heat wave number six. summer is definitely holding on. until we get to thursday. thursday, we expect rain and that will lower temperatures and even after thursday, we will see a cooler air mass moving in so i think you will be kind of surprised at how the weekend will shape up. here's rain back off to the west. this is the rain that will be moving in as we go later into this week. so by thursday, you will want to take the umbrella before you head out. of course, you will want it to pick the kids up in the morning and afternoon. we stay hot and dry, no rain, no relief tonight. by 8:00 p.m., still the mid 80s, and by 10:00 p.m., warm and humid. we could even see patchy fog developing overnight tonight for part of the morning commute. coming up, we will take a closer look at this and also timing of
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the rainfall along with the cooler weekend forecast. right now at 5:00, nbc 10 is following several headlines regarding the pope's visit to philadelphia. 10,000 tickets for the pope's speech at independence hall sold out in a matter of minutes. that happened this afternoon. also, septa announced it's doubling the number of stations that will be open during the pope's visit. riders can also now buy a $10 three-day pass for all subways and buses and trolleys. the goal here is to make it easier for people to get to the pope's event. >> today the mayor says even more changes are on the way. nbc 10's deanna durante joins us live at city hall where officials gave an update a short time ago. >> reporter: that update based off the success of this weekend's made in america festival along the parkway. the mayor says for the first time in its history it was a sold out event with nearly 130,000 people in the city. he is warning residents who live in the red zone to move your cars or they will be towed. he is also talking about how
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septa's efforts will make it easier for people to move around during the world meeting of families and the visit by the pope. >> we have added to it. we have actually added 34th street and 8th street on the market frankford line. those are now new stops right in what they are calling the francis festival. >> reporter: septa says when it comes to the market frankford and broad street lines, the subways will be running as close to schedule as possible. >> most of the time we will be bringing people in and out throughout the city all day long. >> reporter: on the heels of the made in america festival, the mayor says that event was a huge success. the city is taking away lessons like adding portable water bottle filling stations. he also says he has heard complaints of failing cell service during the festival but has not had direct contact with cell phone carriers. >> it's not like folks were calling us to say my phone's not working. but on any given day folks are usually not calling the city saying they are having a problem with their carrier. >> reporter: we reached out to the major cell carriers. at & t says most of the jammed
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service happened near the stage area and was sporadic. verizon says it had local slow spots. but no voice calls were impacted. they also say obviously, social media use was tight during that festival and that caused some of the blocked data usage from happening. they say the most issues were right there by the stage. they also say they have planned upgrades in place that are being sped up in time for the papal visit and they will be adding portable towers to ensure that many people will be able to use all the data they want to that weekend. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. two minutes. that's all it took for 10,000 tickets to sell out to those who want to see the pope at independence mall. tickets went online at noon today for the pontiff's appearance on saturday, september 26th. tickets were available online on a first come, first serve basis.
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nearly 400,000 people viewed the ticket website while the tickets were on sale. more tickets are up for grabs tomorrow. 10,000 tickets for the festival of families and 10,000 tickets for the papal mass will be available online tomorrow on the website of the world meeting of families. less than 18 days from the pope's arrival in philadelphia and as we get closer to this big event, more and more information will be coming in that you need to know. count on nbc 10 to keep track of it all. we are collecting it right here on the nbc 10 website. the nbc 10 app as well. there are three things, too, you might find there right now. we just told you about the new septa plan for that weekend. we posted a map that shows you where the stops are in relation to the papal event. for people who can't get close, you can also see where jumbotrons will be placed around the city. plus a list of items that won't be allowed in certain areas. there has now been an arrest in the shooting death of a man outside a popular south street theater.
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a man is in police custody. on friday, john green was shot outside the theater on south street. he later died. police say 28-year-old wilbur pulled the trigger. a mercer county community comes together to search for a missing woman. she hasn't been seen since wednesday. her car was found idling on a nearby road. all her personal belongings were still inside the car. police don't know if she was a victim of foul play. investigators plan to widen their search. nbc 10 is digging for new information in yesterday's taxi crash. the accident killed two young professionals in philadelphia for the made in america concert. 25-year-old amanda digirolomo of phoenixville was one of the victims. she was killed along with her friend, bryan botti, yesterday morning in center city. amanda worked with her mother and two sisters at the ymca in her hometown. today the executive director told us the entire community is
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mourning. >> we have a very small family here at the ymca of staff employees and everybody's just going through a difficult time and just needs a little bit of some peace. >> today we also learned witnesses had told investigators that the taxi driver had the green light and they say he struck the victims as they were crossing broad street on red. police are now working to verify those accounts and to confirm how fast the driver was going at the time of the crash. we could learn more tomorrow about the crash that killed philadelphia inquirer co-owner lewis katz. the national transportation safety board will meet tomorrow to determine what caused the fiery plane crash last year. katz and six others were killed when the jet overran the run way and crashed in massachusetts. a preliminary report suggests the crew ignored a safety check. new trouble tonight for a philadelphia traffic court judge acquitted in a ticket fixing scandal. federal prosecutors are now charging michael sullivan in tax evasion case involving a
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restaurant he owned. if convicted he could get up to a year in jail. he and five colleagues were charged in a ticket fixing scheme at philadelphia traffic court two years ago. a jury acquitted them of conspiracy and fraud. however, four of the judges were convicted of lying to authorities. sullivan was not one of them. topping the decision 2016 coverage, vice president joe biden hasn't officially announced whether he's running for president but that hasn't stopped him from edging past bernie sanders in a new national poll. hillary clinton leads the monmouth university poll on democratic voters with 42% of support. that's down actually from 52% last month. 22% of those polled support biden. that's a boost from 12% in august. meanwhile, 20% favor sanders. biden made a public appearance a short time ago in our nation's capital. the v.p. delivered remarks at the white house apprenticeship summit where he thanked the dozens of employers who
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committed to expanding their apprenticeship program. an emotional day for students and parents as the new school year began today for much of philadelphia. nbc 10 at carver high school of engineering and science in philadelphia. mayor nutter was on hand to ring in the start of the year. students say this year they're ready to return to the classroom. >> i can finally finish this year. ready for college. >> feels nice to go back to school. actually, i was really excited for school to start. i was a little sick of the summer. >> the philadelphia school superintendent says spending might have to be slashed if state leaders cannot soon agree on a budget. students in camden county, the district superintendent and advisory board of education went on a multi-school tour today. it was all a celebration of the beginning of another year. today's tour ends where south jersey native and nba player jason thompson is sponsoring a
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backpack giveaway. we are following breaking developments out of kentucky tonight. the clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples has been released from jail. what she told a crowd of cheering supporters and will she return to work. that's the question. we are live outside the jail with the latest. plus, flames from a forest fire fill the skies in south jersey. how the smoke is affecting neighbors. those stories still ahead on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
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would you please help me welcome to the stage kim davis. >> a victory walk for the kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses because of her opposition to same sex marriage. hundreds of supporters greeted kim davis as she left jail today. >> this all comes after a judge ordered davis to be freed under the condition that she stop interfering with deputies who issued same sex marriage licenses. >> we have been following this story. >> any word on whether davis will return to work now that she's out? >> reporter: well, her attorneys say she will return to work this week. however, they haven't said exactly what day. it sounds like kim davis herself hasn't even decided. her release today came as a surprise to even her legal team.
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what happens next is largely up to her. kim davis walked out of jail to a throng of supporters after four and a half days behind bars. >> i just want to give god the glory. people have rallied and you are a strong people. >> reporter: a federal judge ordered her release after last week finding her in contempt for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. davis, who is citing religious beliefs, is refusing to waver on the issue. the judge's decision came as a surprise to demonstrators who had gathered for a rally outside the jail where she thanked her supporters. >> thank you all so much. i love you all so very much. >> reporter: davis' clerks began issuing licenses friday in her absence. davis, who plans to return to work this week, is asking her name and authority be removed from the licenses. >> we are still asking for kim davis and others like her to
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have her conscience and religious convictions accommodated. >> reporter: as part of her release the judge is ordering that davis not obstruct her deputies from continuing to issue marriage license, something her lawyer says has not been resolved. >> kim davis cannot and will not violate her conscience. >> reporter: it is an issue that has propelled itself into the presidential race. republican candidates mike huckabee and ted cruz were both at the jail in support of davis, who now finds herself thrust into the spotlight over the issue of same sex marriage. kim davis expected to return to work this week. when i asked her lawyer if she will abide by the judge's ruling that she not interfere with her deputy clerks issuing those licenses, all the attorney would say is she will not violate her conscience. back to you guys. >> no word on what would happen if she did refuse to issue those marriage licenses. we just don't know at this point. >> reporter: good question. one possibility is she could be held in contempt for going against a judge's order.
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as her attorney says, even though she's out of jail we are back at square one. neither side willing to bend and she has asked the governor to intervene and make accommodations so the licenses can be given out without her authority. that has not happened yet. in fact, the governor has indicated he will not call a special session in kentucky so legislators could vote on changing that law. >> thank you very much. as this story continues to unfold, be sure to stay with nbc 10. you can also tune in to "nbc nightly news" with lester holt tonight at 6:30 for more on the kim davis case. right now at 5:00, investigators have ruled out three men as suspects in the killing of a police officer in northern illinois. it was one week ago that fox lake police lieutenant charles joe gliniewicz was found shot to death after radioing in that he was pursuing three suspicious men. his death set off an intense
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manhunt. today, investigators said they cleared three men thought to be persons of interest after they were caught on video. now they are looking for the person who left dna on evidence found at the scene. >> anybody who may have had contact with that particular evidence, we are tracking now. anybody who may have had any contact with the lieutenant physically, anybody, they are being swabbed for dna. >> police say the dna did not come from responding officers or emergency crews. in other news, we can report vicki gardner, the only survivor in last month's deadly shooting in virginia, is now out of the hospital. gardner was the woman being interviewed when a gunman took the lives of a reporter and a photographer from a local news station. gardner was critically wounded but is expected to make a full recovery. alison parker and adam ward were interviewing gardner live on the air at the time of the shooting. parker and ward were killed. the shooter, a former employee
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of wdbj in roanoke, took his own life. overseas, hundreds have broken through police lines in hungary desperate to find a safe place. the u.n. is urging europe to quickly deal with what is the biggest movement of migrants in europe since world war ii. >> reporter: here at the station where the train to austria and germany depart from, the situation has calmed down a lot from last week when there were thousands of asylum seekers protesting and wanting to leave. hundreds more are being prevented to arrive in budapest. they are being blocked and in a refugee camp close to the border with serbia by riot police. they have been trying for the last couple days to break through that police cordon. they are asking why, why.
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why are they treating us like this. some have succeeded. about 200 have now left the camp and trying to hide right here on foot. the police are searching for them. it won't be easy to get out of hungary at all because the prime minister of hungary has already announced that on september 16th he will implement new anti-immigration laws that include the criminalization of illegal crossing from the border of serbia into hungary. the finishing of a wall on top of the already infamous three layers razor wire fence he has built and he will deploy the army to help the police that is already present there to prevent more refugees from crossing into hungary. back to you. the obama administration says it is considering ways to help the global migrant crisis including refugee resettlement. many refugees are fleeing the civil war in syria and iraq
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under the control of islamic state militants. well, still feeling like summer out there, especially if it was your first day of school today and certainly it did not feel like what's typical for a first day because we're above ten degrees above average. so possible heat wave number six in the making if we hit 90 degrees tomorrow. then we have thunderstorms with locally heavy rain coming after we hit that heat wave. so mostly thursday but behind that, a cooler weekend in store for the area, closer to where we should be this time of year. pretty warm evening for baseball. temperature, 93 degrees in philadelphia right now. but it's a sunny view of citizens bank park. feels like 93 so it's humid but not unbearable. tonight, we will be humid and that can cause some fog to develop. temperatures through the lehigh valley about the mid 90s. 94 allentown. 93 reading. south jersey and delaware, though temperatures here are sitting in about the mid 80s. closer to the shore, we have low 80s.
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that's where we have more relief. now, more relief is heading our way. it's around chicago. it's slowly moving in this direction but we are dry and will stay dry for a majority of tomorrow. then we could have a couple showers popping up ahead of the real line of rain coming thursday. here's future weather. tonight we stay dry, just warm and humid. clouds move in for tomorrow morning. we could have patchy fog but overall we should still be near 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. if we do hit 90, that would put us in a heat wave, number six, believe it or not. then scattered showers possible later in the day tomorrow. this continues overnight into thursday morning. by noon thursday, we could already have areas of heavy rain around, some thunderstorms possibly. this continues through the afternoon thursday, too, so you definitely want to bring umbrellas thursday before you head out. we could even see localized flooding with any heavy rainfall. friday, we start to dry up and clear out. you see the clouds starting to move away. the rain moves away, so friday we will start to really feel the changes with the cooler air mass
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moving in. not today, though. up along the northeast major cities here, above 90 degrees. new york city hit 97 degrees today, mid 90s for hartford, boston, even philadelphia. the change is coming like i mentioned with the cool air so there you see the jet stream, it divides that warm and cool air mass. here's what's going to happen once the rain moves through. the cool air is right behind it and the cool air starts to move in as we end the week and go into the weekend. once that rain moves through, that cool air is going to start to take over. tonight, warm and humid, late patchy fog, 74 in philadelphia, 67 areas north and west. tomorrow, hot and humid, chance of some late showers around, temperatures still around 90 degrees. putting us in heat wave number six if we hit 90. by thursday, showers and storms, mid 80s. friday will be drying out with temperatures around 83 degrees. going into the weekend, take a look at the high temperature. 82 saturday, 78 sunday. and possibly upper 70s as we start next week. the average high is 81 degrees.
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a referee tackled on the football field. we showed you the video that has many people outraged. tonight, new details on why they might have targeted the referee and if police think they will file criminal charges. plus, students in delaware are getting some one-on-one attention. how it's helping them learn a very important skill they need in the classroom.
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a texas school district promises to investigate two high school football players accused of assaulting a referee during a game last week. the ref was tackled by students from john jay high school in san antonio during a play at the end of last week's game. you have to see this video. the students have been suspended from that team. there were two of them. an assistant coach linked to the incident has also been placed on administrative leave. >> the players also allege racial slurs were directed at them by the umpire. the students allege that an assistant coach said that guy needs to pay for cheating us. >> today school officials called the incident shameful but said the football season will not be canceled. from the nbc 10 delaware news bureau, many kids who struggle with reading are getting extra individualized
5:26 pm
attention this school year. nbc 10 at an elementary school in new castle as 15 americorps workers had their pinning ceremony. they will work with kids who need help reading as part of a pilot program with the reading assist institute, to provide direct help to students who need it the most. >> when they get that word they have been struggling with for a couple days it brightens my day and their day as well. >> the reading assist institute says this collaboration is the first of its kind. if it works in the colonial district the program could be implemented in other delaware districts and around the country. now to south jersey where a large forest fire is burning. how the weather is making it tough to put the flames out. how neighbors are being affected by the ash and smoke. still ahead at 5:00, major announcement from pope francis that could make it easier to get remarried in the catholic church. tonight, a south jersey mayor responds to a new test
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program aimed at saving lives. (plays throughout)
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vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. right now at 5:00, a forest fire sends smoke and ash into the skies over south jersey. tonight, neighbors are feeling the effects. the fire is burning in woodland, manchester township near the border of burlington and ocean counties. meteorologist sheena parveen will show us how the weather is
5:30 pm
affecting firefighters as they battle the flames. >> we begin with nbc 10's ted greenberg. it's not the flames neighbors are worried about, right? >> reporter: at last check, that fire was 65% contained, although we do anticipate an update shortly from the new jersey forest fire service. the flames have stayed away from homes, but for many folks, the smoke has been impossible to avoid. >> all i can really smell it now. >> reporter: a haze of smoke filling the area in manchester township. >> the air is heavy. >> reporter: ash falling from the sky has also been landing on cars, blowing in from this wild fire. it was first spotted in woodland township, burlington county yesterday afternoon. the flames then spread into manchester in ocean county which has a high concentration of retirement communities. >> it kept getting stronger and stronger. when i went to bed we had to close the window because it was better with the window closed. >> reporter: the fire has burned just under 1,000 acres in a
5:31 pm
remote section of the pinelands. the flames aren't threatening any homes but health officials are urging people with breathing problems to stay inside with the air conditioning on to avoid inhaling the drifting smoke. >> measurable rain, we haven't had for at least two weeks. >> reporter: the result, extremely dry conditions that have made the battle against this wild fire more difficult. >> the bigger dead fuels like logs, large branches, they are completely consuming down to ash so that's pretty dry. >> it's very labor intensive to put the fire out. it takes a lot longer, a lot more effort, lot more water, lot more man power, lot more equipment. >> reporter: a lot of folks have been noticing that smoke but authorities issued a statement today asking people not to call 911 if they merely smell it. live in woodland township, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. our nbc 10 live team coverage continues with first
5:32 pm
alert meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we heard ted say firefighters are facing hot but also dry conditions out there. >> yeah, that's right. the heat is still on this afternoon. temperatures are in the 90s and there's no rain in sight to help put out the fires. take a look. the corner or the edge of burlington and ocean counties, there's the fire. if you look around manchester you see these blobs of green showing up. that's our radar indicating where we are seeing the smoke going. so that south wind is continuing to blow the smoke to the north and northeast. southwest wind around six miles an hour with gusts of 15 miles an hour, so that's not helping, especially those wind gusts. temperatures in the low 90s, humidity is not very high but 39% is not really helping things, either. either way, we don't have any rain in sight. not until about wednesday night and thursday. take a look at these winds coming in from the south right now, gusting near 60 miles an hour. continuing to blow the smoke in the same direction and they can really expect the wind direction to continue even tonight and into late tomorrow. now here's wednesday.
5:33 pm
8:00 p.m., still that south wind gusting near 22 miles an hour. hopefully by this time, the flames will be out but then we start to see bigger changes going into thursday, switching that wind direction. now as far as this area is concerned, it is abnormally dry. here's a look at the chart of new jersey. it's not a drought per se but it is abnormally dry. it's been over two weeks since this area has seen any measurable rainfall but the good news is at least for later this week, we are going to have rain moving in. some of that could be locally heavy. it will bring in cooler temperatures with it. coming up, i show you the timing of that and what it looks like for the weekend. conshohocken's day academy kicked off its school year on its tenth anniversary. the school has more than 300 students this year. nbc 10 was there as they headed back to class this morning. aim academy enrolls students in first through twelfth grades and specializes in teaching children with language-based learning differences. nbc 10 was in a south
5:34 pm
philadelphia high school on broad street this afternoon where the after-school activities partnerships announced its new directory of philadelphia after-school programs. the goal is to get kids involved in these activities so they stay out of trouble. >> we all know that if in fact we can continue the learning process with students, that -- and give them a time they can explore new interests and form new friendships, then that's some of the best things that can happen for our young people. >> according to the program, an estimated 45,000 kids across the city spend 20 to 25 hours a week alone after school. a change in the catholic church today. pope francis has radically altered the way the church processes marriage annulments. the new law streamlines rules for bishops when they determine if a marriage has a flaw that makes it invalid. automatic appeals are also now a thing of the past. catholics must get an annulment if they want to remarry in the
5:35 pm
church. the annulment process has long been criticized as complicated and expensive. >> basically it reduces the bureaucratic, long bureaucratic process and makes the process a whole lot simpler. >> today's rule comes on the heels of a different announcement last week. the pontiff says he would allow roman catholic priests to absolve women who have had abortions if they seek forgiveness. today, there is one more option for people looking to make a papal pilgrimage to our area. tickets are now on sale for what's being called francis field campground in east fairmount park. the city is prepared to host up to 16,000 people here. a wrist band for the campground costs $199. a car pass is anywhere from $99 to $109 and an rv pass goes for $999. just about a grand. that includes four wrist bands. finding a place to stay will be a real challenge when the
5:36 pm
pope's in town. >> a campground isn't the most curious place people will call home that weekend. a group from north jersey plans to sleep at the philadelphia zoo. about 220 members of our lady of mt. carmel church will stay at the building that houses birds and insect exhibits. the battleship "new jersey" has space available for people during the papal visit. $75 a person gets you a one night bunk and a navy locker. if you still have questions about the pope's visit, download the nbc 10 news app. we have a section dedicated to the papal weekend that can help you plan your trip called preparing for the pope. it's been done by adele, paul mccartney and duran duran. we know who will sing the theme for the next james bond movie. a big announcement from miss america in atlantic city. the former winner who is returning after a scandal forced her to give up her crown. ♪
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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♪ won't you stay with me >> we are all familiar with that voice. grammy award winner sam smith will sing the theme song now for the next james bond movie. the singer co-wrote the track, writings on the wall. the track which is out later the month is the first bond title song performed by a british male solo artist since 1965. daniel craig reprises his role as 007 for the first time. >> such a great voice. three decades after she gave up the crown following a nude photo scandal, vanessa williams is returning to the miss america pageant. she will serve as head judge for this year's competition. the miss america pageant officially begins tonight in atlantic city with the preliminaries. nbc 10 was there as the
5:40 pm
contestants arrived last week. tonight they will also unveil the shoes they will use in the show us your shoes parade. this year's winner will be crowned inside boardwalk hall on sunday. meanwhile, a victory for president obama in the battle over the iran nuclear deal. how local senators are playing a role. and another hot day today but the heat will eventually break this week. we'll have showers moving in. coming up, i show you the timing of the rain.
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a family has reached a settlement with the city of baltimore. an agreement would pay the family of freddie gray $6.3 million to settle all claims about his death. the 25-year-old died in april after receiving a severe spinal injury while in police custody.
5:43 pm
six police officers are charged in gray's death. all have pleaded not guilty. gray's death sparked days of unrest in the city and protests nationwide. reporters and protesters were there as dr. walter palmer arrived at his dental practice this morning. palmer kept a low profile after being identified as the hunter who killed cecil the lion in zimbabwe two months ago. zimbabwe officials say cecil was lured out of a national park and shot with a comepound bow. animal activists stood outside the clinic calling for the end of trophy hunting. >> i would like to see him lose his business, i really would. that may sound terrible. maybe that would send a message to people. >> officials from zimbabwe say they want palmer sent back to face charges. president obama today got another win in a political battle over the iran nuclear
5:44 pm
deal. >> so many democrats have backed the president that a vote in the senate might not even happen. here's nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman. >> reporter: republicans slammed the obama nuclear deal with iran and demanded a vote. >> this debate should not be about a president who will leave office in 16 months. it should be about where our country will be in 16 years. >> reporter: democrat joe man l manchin of west virginia says he's opposed. three senate democrats backed the deal today, 41 in all, meaning democrats could block a senate vote against the deal. president obama and his iran team once wanted a vote, then vowed a veto. now he figures no vote is better. >> it prevents the congress from spoiling this international agreement to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: but it's still a bitter battle with dueling tv ads. >> congress should reject a bad deal. >> reporter: dick cheney is
5:45 pm
against the deal. >> it's not as president obama claims the only alternative to war. it is madness. >> reporter: colin powell is in favor. >> people say can't trust them. i don't trust them. i say we have a deal, let's see how they implement the deal. they don't implement it, bail out. none of our options are going. >> reporter: with pope francis coming to washington in two weeks, congress might take the bailout option on another issue, the budget. passing another short-term deal instead of risking a government shutdown while the pope grabs the attention of lawmakers. pope francis is calling for more help for syrian refugees. right now the annual quota is just 1500. the white house says that's being reconsidered. steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. supporters of the iran nuclear deal include new jersey senator cory booker, delaware senators tom carper and chris kunz and pennsylvania senator bob casey. opponents include new jersey senator robert menendez and
5:46 pm
pennsylvania senator pat toomey. meanwhile on the campaign trail, several republican presidential candidates also voiced their opposition to the iran nuclear deal. senator marco rubio vowed to void any deal with iran if elected president. the florida republican held two town halls in keene, new hampshire today. rubio says if he becomes president he would also ask congress to increase the existing sanctions on iran. rubio's gop opponent john kasich was in new england talking about the deal today, telling reporters he would vote no on the deal if he could, but he didn't go as far as saying he would tear up the agreement if elected president. also in presidential politics, the jeb bush campaign is set to begin rolling out its first tv ads tomorrow. >> we have an important choice to make about the direction of our country. >> the bush campaign says it will spend half a million dollars for broadcasting cable ads that target new hampshire
5:47 pm
voters. this comes as a number of polls show the former florida governor slipping in the fight for the republican presidential nomination. a staggering number of americans could be at risk for diabetes. the new study estimates about half of american adults either have diabetes or pre-diabetes. african-americans, hispanic and asian americans had higher diabetes rates than caucasians, but pre-diabetes was more common among white adults. the researchers did say the increasing prevalence of diabetes may be leveling off. well, another hot day, still feeling like summer with temperatures still around the mid 90s for some of us. hitting 90 degrees tomorrow would put us in heat wave number six and 90 is the forecast high so if we do hit that, we will be in another heat wave. thunderstorms start to cool things down with some locally heavy rain possible come thursday. that will lead us into a cooler weekend so the air mass behind
5:48 pm
the rain is going to cool us down but that's actually our average high temperature for this time of year. that's the type of air it will be bringing in. right now, here's a live look at cape may where some of the cooler temperatures are across the area. right now in cape may, 79 degrees but feels more like 86 with the humidity around. winds are gusting in from the south around 21 miles an hour so that south wind is going to keep us warm and humid as we go through tonight. we could see some patchy fog. still 94 in allentown, 93 in reading, 93 bensalem and philadelphia. but as we get closer to the shore, temperatures start to get a bit cooler around the mid 80s for suburbs in new jersey and delaware. 87 degrees in dover. the heat still extends back towards texas, also arkansas, but take a look at where the temperatures start to cool off, chicago right now 73 degrees but in detroit, they are near 90 degrees and that's where we find the rain. so this is a cold front, its aall moving in this direction. the cooler air mass is right behind it so that will be moving in once this rain moves through. so the rain is expected to be here as we go late in the day
5:49 pm
wednesday and also through the day thursday. future weather keeps us dry tonight. no rain around tonight. i don't think we are going to see rain for a majority of tomorrow but more clouds by the morning hours, could see patchy fog for part of the area morning commute. through the afternoon, we could still heat up to near 90 degrees and we could already by 5:00 p.m. start seeing some pop-up showers, maybe a couple thunderstorms. can't rule that out. it's really overnight into thursday morning when we see more rain developing, thicker cloud cover moves in. 7:00 a.m. thursday, we could have locally heavy rain through part of the area. that's going to continue through the middle of the day thursday. 1:00 p.m., i think we will have locally heavy rain, thunderstorms around through the day and this even continues through the afternoon. now, once this moves through friday, we have that cooler air mass right on our doorstep and that's going to be here to end out the week and go into the weekend. relatively speaking, it's going to be an air mass that will have temperatures about ten degrees cooler than what we are seeing today and as we go through the weekend, sunday could be in the
5:50 pm
upper 70s. for tonight, warm and humid, late patchy fog developing. 74 for the low in philadelphia, 67 north and west. then tomorrow, hot and humid day, chance of a late shower. temperatures still around 90 degrees. again, if we hit 90 tomorrow, that's going to put us in heat wave number sex. then we go into thursday, showers and thunderstorms around the area, some of that rain could be locally heavy thursday. there's a chance it could lead to localized flooding but of course, wle will track that for you. temperatures in the mid 80s. tomorrow should really be the last day around 90 degrees. friday, around 83. we start to dry out from the rain. over the weekend, low 80s saturday, upper 70s possibly on sunday. we will watch for a chance for some showers and then going into early next week, we stay around 80 degrees. average high is 81 degrees. >> it's already starting to feel like halloween. at least at eastern state penitentia penitentiary. twin gargoyles were hoisted on
5:51 pm
to the facade of the empty prison today to mark the official start of the halloween season. terror behind the walls returns september 18th for the first of 30 straight nights of scaring. it marks the 25th straight season at eastern state penitentiary. proceeds from ticket sales support the prison's year round museum. a great white shark that washed ashore on a beach in massachusetts sunday died despite rescue attempts by hundreds of people. this video shows the rescuers pouring water on the shark. despite digging a trench and pulling the shark back into the water, the great white did not survive. according to eyewitnesses, that shark was 10 to 15 feet long. on friday, our country will mark 14 years since the september 11th attacks. >> today leaders wanted to know what we learned from that tragedy and are we prepared for the next potential threat. that's next at 6:00.
5:52 pm
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5:54 pm
as we approach the anniversary of september 11th a congressional hearing on terrorism was held at the 9/11 memorial and museum in new york today. >> nbc's jonathan dietz reports on the lessons learned since that tragedy and how prepared we are for the next threat.
5:55 pm
>> reporter: homeland security members came to ground zero and heard this from the nypd commissioner. >> we currently face a greater likelihood of attack than we have seen in years. >> reporter: he says al qaeda continues to try to plot major attacks from overseas while isis leaders continue to use social media to try to encourage a lone wolf type of strike. >> killing with a gun or car or simply i.e.d. >> reporter: the hearing as the 14th anniversary of 9/11 comes this week. mayor giuliani on hand and he used the occasion to criticize the planned nuclear deal with iran. saying terrorists should be taken at their word. >> bin laden declared war on us. we weren't paying attention. >> reporter: peter king pressed fellow committee members to fund security measures for the region as well as health funding for first responders. many suffering from 9/11 related
5:56 pm
illnesses. the fire commissioner with a sobering reminder of the health toll. 21 new names added to a memorial wall. >> i'm sad to say that the memorial wall we created will soon be too small because those losses continue to mount. >> reporter: the fire commissioner added there are 1,000 current and former firefighters now diagnosed with cancer, many of those cases believed to be work done on the pile. jonathan dietz for nbc 10. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," if you blink you missed your chance. free tickets to see the pope's speech at independence mall are gone. but you still have a chance for other lottery tickets. that's next at 6:00. sheena? another day in the 90s. almost half the country still feeling like summer. but there is rain in the forecast and cooler temperatures. plus, trash talk. former eagles star lesean mccoy gives his take on new star demarco murray next.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
right now at 6:00, gone in 120 seconds. 10,000 tickets to see the pope's speech at independence mall sold
5:59 pm
out. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. tickets for the pope's saturday speech at independence mall on september 26th went online at noon. by 12:02 you were out of luck. the world meeting of families website saw 394,000 visits at noon. if you didn't get a ticket, thousands of other tickets are being given to parishes with large immigrant communities. nbc 10's lauren mayk spent the day with a woman as she tried to get a seat to witness history. she joins us live from independence mall. quite a day. >> reporter: yeah, good evening. you had to be really fast to get these tickets. they were gone in just two minutes. that means there are probably a lot of disappointed folks out there tonight but i can't imagine anyone being much more excited than the woman i met today. at nelly logan's home, the pope has already arrived. she's making a poster in spanish showing her latin american her
6:00 pm
ta itage. she bought memoribilia. >> i got magnets, key chains, prayer card. >> reporter: at noon on the dot we were there as she logged on hoping to get tickets for the papal visit. at first -- >> waiting room does not guarantee tickets. >> reporter: disappointment and a few prayers. i tried, too. then -- nelly logan got a ticket. this is the result you were hoping for. >> yes! oh, my god. >> reporter: she is one of the lucky ones. the 10,000 tickets were gone within minutes. >> i tried to get tickets. what happened was i kept refreshing and refreshing and refreshing and nothing. >> reporter: university of pennsylvania professor anthea butler came away empty-handed. >> oh, my god. this is insane. this is better than beyonce. >> reporter: for nelly, ticket in hand is something to celebrate. >> yes!


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